Our CRC 768 covers different fields of Innovation management


The aim of this use case is to foster (business model) innovations through the integration of external stakeholders. The integration of stakeholders can take place directly in innovation processes or in the use phase of a product or product service system. Ultimately, the use case supports shaping new business models for product service systems.

Consequences of late detection of change effects include project delays and subsequently increasing change cost. An optimal solution and change plan depends on the early detection of interdisciplinary impacts and subsequently, a collaborative change management process.

Innovations require Knowledge.
Identifying relevant and available knowledge is becoming more challenging, since knowledge is often distributed: among various places, actors and between organizational units.
Also, knowledge seems be in the flux; what relevant knowledge is during ever changing innovation cycles. Within these innovation cycles of product and service development, Knowledge Management needs to reflect the volatile nature of knowledge.

Innovations require Knowledge [Management].

The development of product service systems requires the collaborative effort of a variety of stakeholders from different disciplines. In order to achieve a positive outcome of the systems development, it is crucial to manage interdisciplinary inconsistencies. Manage your inconsistencies easy with us!