Stakeholder Integration

Stakeholder Integration



How to Integrate Stakeholders

Master the Digital Transformation by shaping new and innovative business models in five simple steps. Find out how to integrate your external stakeholders using Design Thinking principles, Open Innovation, and Innovation Communities.

1. Stakeholder Integration Process based on Design Thinking

Our Stakeholder Integration Process combines best practices from theory and practitioners. Both, scientific literature as well as real life use cases were applied during its development. Using Design Thinking principles, the process can be carried out in five clearly defined phases: 1. Empathise: Understand customer’s or user’s problems 2. Define: Precisely define certain problems 3. Ideate: Come up with ideas or business model components to (partially) solve a problem 4. Prototype: Build a complete business model using business model canvas 5. Test: Analyse and test new business models or business model variants using e3-value method

2. Decision Support System for Customer Integration

By implementing Open Innovation firms can build on inputs directly from their customers during the entire Stakeholder Integration Process. But what are relevant decision criteria for the selection of appropriate customer integration methods and what methods should be used? Make use of our Decision Support System to quickly start integrating your customers.

3. Managing Innovation Communities

Learn how to manage an online innovation community effectively and efficiently. Know which influencing factors are relevant to support customers in participating and to support innovative ideas.